Internet Marketing SuperConference

Multiply Yourself,
Mulitply Your Ca$H!!!

Recordings of...

The 10th Anniversary

Internet Marketing SuperConference
At the Mirage Hotel & Casino

From: Carl Galletti

Dear Friends,

It was the best conference we've ever had.

The content was amazing. And now, you can get the recordings of the entire conference!

This year's theme is:

Multiply Yourself,
Mulitiply Your Ca$H!!!

The SECRET to Internet marketing success lies in multiplying yourself. The really BIG money only comes from knowing how to get multiples of your investments in traffic, manpower, etc.

This year's speakers have been specially chosen so you get the latest, up to the minute, know-how in this area.

Now, let's see who you'll be hearing from at the conference... This Year's Speakers:

Carlos and Lupe Garcia
Armand Morin
Willie Crawford
Carlos Garcia/
Lupe Garcia
Armand Morin
Willie Crawford
Dr. Mike Woo-Ming
Sylvie Fortin
Jeff Mills
Michel Fortin/
Sylvie Fortin
Stu McLaren
Jeff Mills
Mr. .X.,
John Barker
Craig Gordon
Marc Hardy
Bruce Safran/
Len Thurmond
Craig Gordon
Marc Harty
Mystery Guest
Carl Galletti
Doug Champigny
Mike Koenig
Greg Cesar
Carl Galletti
Doug Champigny
Mike Koenigs
Greg Cesar

Here's Just Some of What You'll Be Getting...

  • How To Bring in All the Traffic You Want To Your Web Site -- whether that's only a thousand or a million per month
  • Web 2.0 Help or Hoax? How To Use It To It's Fullest
  • What To Do With Private Label Rights That Will Have Swell Your Bank Account to Overflowing
  • How To Blog For Profits (hint: You Need To Know Where To Get and How To Keep Loyal Readers)
  • Backlinks: Secrets Your Guru Never Told You (Especially One That Will Have More One Way Backlinks Coming To Your Site Than You Know What To Do With)
  • Secrets Your SEO Expert Will NEVER Tell You...Because You'd Never Need Their Services Again
  • How To Find Where The Money Is and How To Get It...RIGHT NOW!
  • How To Get Your Membership Site Started Cheaply and Right Now...Because We'll Give You The Script and The Products To Get Started
  • 3 Simple Exercises That Will Instantly Turn You Into A Better Copywriter Than Most of the Ones You Are Likely To Hire
  • Where To Get FREE Classified Ads (That Work!)
  • How To Post At Forums So You Get Maximum Traffic Without Getting Banned
  • Where To Find The Best Forums To Post To
  • The Best Places To Send Your Articles
  • Ezine Advertising: Is It Worth It? (Hint: It Is If You Know The Right Ones To Advertise In -- We'll Give You The List)
  • How To Build a Web Site that Gets Lots of FREE Traffic
  • How To Build Your List Even If You Don't Have One Already and How To Build It a Lot Bigger Even If You Think It's Reached Its Ceiling
  • How To Recruit Your First Affiliates If You Don't Have Any Right Now and How To Grow Their Numbers Fast If You Need A Lot More
  • How To Motivate Your Affiliates So They Start Producing Double, Triple or More Within A Very Short Time
  • How To Sell As An Affiliate So You Can Easily Become A Super Affiliate Pulling Down Five and Six Figure Commissions...Even With a Modest Sized List
  • How To Get Traffic From Places You Never Thought of Before
  • How To Get Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to Produce Many Multiples of What They Do Now
  • Where You Can Find People To Help Grow Your Business Without Draining Your Bank Account
  • What You Need To Know About Licensing Rights -- Insider Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else
  • How To Make Video Be Your Force Multiplier Effect Rather Than Just Costing You A Bundle
  • How To Form Lucrative Joint Ventures Even If You've Never Done It Before and Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are
  • How To Network With Other Internet Marketers To Discover Where The Best Deals and Resources Are
  • Hidden Secrets That Will Multiply The Number of Conversions to Sales on Your Web Site
  • What You Need To Know About Membership Sites So That You'll Get A Constant Flow of Income Each and Every Month
  • How To Create Products That Are Sought After and Unavailable Anywhere Else
  • Secrets of the Masters -- Internet Marketing Secrets That Only The Insiders Know
  • How To Make The New Ebay Digital Products Rules Work FOR You Rather Than Against You
  • How To Decide What Market You Want To Be In (Hint: One That Pays Well and Is Easy To Crack-- We'll Give You A List to Pick From, Complete with Pros and Cons)

Why THIS Seminar...

After ten years, we've got a good handle on what works for our attendees. Each year we keep adding new and different ways to benefit attendees. Of course, we like to keep these things a surprise for the sake of overdelivering as well as to not tip off the competition (by the time they copy our latest techniques, we're on to the next ones, thereby rendering them obsolete).

Many of our past attendees have gone on to become names in the Internet marketing field and more than a few have come back to speak as experts at this and other seminars.

Why Now...

For people willing to invest in themselves, there are still opportinities for making BIG money on the Internet. This won't last forever. It gets harder every day. But there are still plenty of ways available to you, if you know the insider secrets that you'll get at this conference.

Those who think they can get it from an ebook or course will be sadly disappointed as you roll over them and soar past into the stratosphere of Internet wealth.

How Much ...

Your investment in the conference video recording is only $997 and that includes all the presentations on DVD.

The real investment of course is in yourself. You have to ask yourself if you are serious about your future success and whether you are worth investing a little money to make a lot more.

Is It Worth It...

Only you can decide but just one life changing bit of know-how can totally change your future success. And we'll give you lots of chances for that. Then it's up to you to take over and run it up the flag pole -- like many others before you have.

And If That Isn't Enough ...


For A Limited Time Only ...
(or until we sell out)

This is the longest running Internet marketing conference in the world and you are sure to get the best insider information to help you catapult your business into the stratosphere. Plus, you get to save a lot of money to boot.

That's quite a lot of value. You get the entire four days of the conference recordings on DVDs, for only $997.

Click here right now and get yours before they are all gone!

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Carl Galletti

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

Copyright 2008 by
Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti

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